Jian She Chen

Vice Mayor
Zhenjiang City, Jiangsu, China

Mr. Chen Jian She, born on May 1st, 1953, with the academic background and postgraduate study on Economics, is the vice mayor of Zhenjiang Municipal People’s Government.

From 1971 to 1985, Mr. Chen worked in Zhenjiang Light Industry Machinery Factory and served as the factory director.

From 1985 to 1993, Mr. Chen worked in Zhenjiang City Officials Management Department, responsible for overseeing officials working in economic fields.

From 1993 to 2002, Mr. Chen served as Vice Secretary General of Zhenjiang Municipal Government, Vice Chairman and General Manager of the Hong Kong-based organization of Zhenjiang Municipal Government, and member of the leading team of Zhongshan Group, the Hong Kong-based organization of Jiangsu Provincial Government.

From January 2002, Mr. Chen has served as Vice Mayor of Zhenjiang Municipal Government for 3 consecutive terms, responsible for the affairs of foreign trade, border control, port operations, transportation and scientific personnel.

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