Diana Rowland

Rowland and Associates
Del Mar, CA

Diana Rowland is president of Rowland & Associates, Inc. and is a Japan-America business consultant, relying on 30 years of experience in working with the Japanese.

She lived abroad for ten years, nine of which were spent in the Asia/Pacific area, seven of which were spent in Japan, and has traveled in fifty-six countries. After her return from Japan, she functioned as a liaison for a Japanese trading company. Her current

work focuses on lecturing, training, and consulting with companies who want to do business more successfully with the Japanese.

Rowland is author of the best-selling book, Japanese Business Etiquette: A Practical Guide to Success with the Japanese (Warner Books, 1985 & 1993) which has sold 100,000 copies and is currently in its second edition, sixteenth printing. She is co-author of International Excellence: 7 Breakthrough Strategies for Personal and Professional Success, (Kodansha International, 1996). Her television appearances include the MacNeil/Lehrer Newshour and has been interviewed on Australia radio.

She is often featured in publications such as Fortune, Esquire, Business Tokyo, Japan Newsweek, the International Herald Tribune, The Journal of the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan and the Asian Wall Street Journal. Since 1986 she has been on the faculty of the Pacific Rim Management Programs at the Graduate School of Business Administration, University of Southern California, as well as on the faculty of USC's Asia/Pacific Conference. She has also taught programs at Mercer College, West Georgia College School of Business, and the University of California. Additionally, she teaches courses at various Japan America Societies.She is currently a board member of the Japan Society of San Diego and Tijuana.

She is the only non-Japanese to have completed a two-week sky diving course instructed entirely in Japanese by Self Defense Forces personnel. She has made 1,200 sky dives and has organized and participated in numerous world record jumps, including the largest formation to be completed at night.

Rowland & Associates, Inc. provides cross-cultural consultation and training to corporate personnel for various countries throughout the world. The trainings are designed to facilitate productive communication and effective business interaction.

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