Oak Lawn Marketing, Inc.

A graduate of Cornell University and a 21 year resident of Japan, Harry Hill has founded, owned and operated several companies in the marketing, real estate, media and entertainment industries.

Hill met Robert Roche, the founder of Oak Lawn Marketing, in 1990 and together they founded H&R Consultants, which

currently is the largest real estate company for the ex-pat community in Nagoya and also has offices in Tokyo.

After a hiatus from Japan in 1997 and 1998, Hill joined the Oak Lawn Marketing management team in 1999 and became COO of the company in 2004 when Mr. Roche moved his family and base of operations to Shanghai. In the last several years under Hillís management, OLM has achieved steadily increasing profits while growing its revenues from approximately 11 billion yen in 2003 to estimated 19 billion yen in fiscal 2005. Today, Oak Lawn Marketing has 230 full-time employees, several very profitable subsidiaries including the H&R Consultantís group of companies and a 200-booth call center with over 400 contract employees.

Hill lives in Nagoya with his wife and five children. He is active as Chubu Governor of the ACCJ and also practices Shorinji Kempo and Kick Boxing.

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