Christopher J. Goode

President & Managing Director
White (China) Drive Products Co.Ltd.
Zhenjiang, China

Chris Goode, was born in Staffordshire England, and has resided in the USA since 1980. Prior to joining White Drive Products in 2000, he spent most his diverse career with Eaton Corporation in Europe, Africa, Far East and finally in the USA.

Chris has an engineering background but held global sales, marketing and general management positions with Eaton Corporation.

In addition he has managed joint ventures in Mexico, Argentina, Korea and Japan. He also managed two equipment distributorships in the US and South Africa.

Since joining White in 2000, he has been the driving force who developed the company from a North American regional company to the global company it is today.

He is the “father” of White (China) Drive Products Co. Ltd, having taken it from concept to profitable in its first full year of operation in 2006.

He has been recognized by the government of RunZhou, Zhenjiang for the contribution he has made to that area and is an honoree member of the RunZhou District Economic Development Council, and in December 2006 was voted as Business Entrepreneur of the year by members of the RunZhou District Government.

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