Senior Vice President and Chief Historian
Wells Fargo & Company
San Francisco

Dr. Andy Anderson is senior vice president and chief historian of Wells Fargo & Company. Over the past 28 years, he has built the Wells Fargo Archives, several Wells Fargo history museums and a modern fleet of Wells Fargo stagecoaches.

He also has managed Wells Fargo’s corporate marketing, advertising and brand management programs, and the initial development of in 1994.

He is the author of Stagecoach: Wells Fargo and the Rise of the American Financial Services Industry (Simon & Schuster, February 2002).

Dr. Anderson’s interest in history led him to his current avocation — helping families and businesses discover their family history and their cultural roots. He believes that by understanding their history, a family can better manage its legacy into future generations.

Dr. Anderson’s most recent publication is an interactive CD and Internet guide titled: “How to Find Your Family History & Cultural Roots.” Copies of this CD are available gratis by contacting any Wells Fargo Wealth Management Group representative. His favorite quote is the advice Henry Wells offered to a young person who asked, in 1864, what it takes to succeed in business: “There is one very powerful business rule. It is summed up in the word — Courtesy.”

Dr. Anderson earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from Villanova University, and his Master of Arts and PhD in History from The Ohio State University. He has taught history at Ohio State, Arizona State, and Stanford universities. He received his archival training at the Hoover Institution and the Archives Institute of the National Archives of the United States.

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