Carmine D’Aloisio

Minister-Counselor for Commercial Affairs
U.S. Embassy, India
New Delhi

Mr. Carmine D’Aloisio is currently Minister-Counselor for Commercial Affairs at the American Embassy in India. He joined the U.S. and Foreign Commercial Service (USFCS) in 1982, shortly after it moved from the U.S. State Department to the U.S. Commerce Department. The mission of USFCS is to protect American business interests abroad and promote U.S. exports through trade policy and promotion programs and initiatives.

His last two headquarters assignments in Washington, D.C. began as the regional director of operations and programs throughout 13 countries in East Asia and the Pacific. He was promoted to lead 1,100 U.S. diplomats and foreign nationals in Commercial Sections at over 160 U.S. embassies and consulates worldwide as Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary for International Operations.

In addition to his Washington assignments, Mr. D’Aloisio has completed overseas tours of duty in South Korea, the Philippines, Thailand, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Italy. For his work in the Middle East, Mr. D’Aloisio received two Gold Medals, the Department’s highest awards, for his contributions to U.S. national economic security interests in Kuwait in 1992 and in Saudi Arabia in 1991.

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