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APBO 2017 Pictures

Highlights of the 2017 APBO Conference [gallery columns="5" ids="5327,5326,5325,5324,5319,5320,5323,5321,5316,5317,5318,5313,5312,5311,5310,5309,5314,5315,5300,5301,5302,5307,5308,5303,5299,5289,5291,5294,5296,5297,5282,5287,5288,5281,5280,5286,5285,5283,5278,5279,5273,5274,5275,5276,5277,5272,5271,5270"]
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Business Class Podcast – Opportunities for US Business in Japan

Andrew Wylegala delivers insight into U.S. companies doing business in Japan here.

In an interview that took place outside of a Starbucks in downtown Tokyo, Andrew Wylegala brings new thought to US companies doing business in Japan. Regulations have been streamlined. Japan has the largest per capita R&D budget of any country. Japan and the U.S. sync up in many sectors which creates opportunities.

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Webinar: A Sneak Preview of APBO–Manage and Prepare for Shifts in the Asia-Pacific Market

Listen to a webinar for a special preview of this year’s APBO conference. Three APBO dynamic speakers give you a sampling of the overall program at APBO:

Promises & Uncertainties: America & China Clayton Dube, Director, USC U.S.-China Institute, a program of USC Annenberg

Beyond Abenomics: The Bullish Case for Japan Andrew Wylegala, Senior Commercial Officer, U.S. Commercial Service, U.S. Embassy – Japan

How Attending APBO Helped My Company Marv Sepe, COO, CTC Global

Click here to listen to the webinar

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Country Commercial Guide

Country Commercial Guides (CCGs) present a comprehensive look at countries' commercial environments, using economic, political and market analysis. The CCGs were established by recommendation of the Trade Promotion Coordinating Committee (TPCC), a multi-agency task force, to consolidate various reporting documents prepared for the U.S. business community. The U.S. Department of Commerce posts CCGs on their site as they are released.
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APBO 2016 Pictures

Highlights of the 2016 APBO Conference [gallery columns="7" ids="4076,4075,4074,4073,4072,4071,4070,4069,4068,4067,4066,4065,4064,4063,4062,4096,4095,4094,4093,4092,4090,4089,4088,4087,4086,4085,4084,4083,4082,4081,4080,4078,4105,4104,4103,4102,4101,4100,4109,4108,4106" orderby="rand"]
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